Beverly Meyer
The Music Lady
Family Concerts
Specializing in Children and Family Concerts, Beverly uses her boundless energy and beautiful voice to entertain all who encounter her. With guitar in hand and a smile on her face, songs seem to flow from her like water. Beverly's vast experience aids to seemlessly bring everyone to a dancing frenzy and calm them back down to join in a rousing sing-a-long sitting next to her. Music and chilhood laughter will fill every inch of your venue. Audiences will leave your event smiling and humming and ready to return again. Not bound by catagory, this singer/songwriter, educator and modern day pied piper is a perfect fit for try family entertainment.
The Music Lady is ready with her own wireless sound system and whisper quiet generator to create an instant concert anywhere!

The Family Concert is perfect for:

Concerts in the Park Series in your Town.

Ice Cream Socials, Open House or Family Night at your School.

Special Events at your Library.
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