Beverly Meyer
The Music Lady
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On-Site Field Trip
Bring The Music Lady to your preschool or school setting for a field trip that only requires a walk down the hall and a smile on your face!
Enjoy a high energy mini-concert for EVERY child in your program. Choose from HOLIDAY or SEASONAL SHOW to and eclectic mix of Music Lady Favorites. Shows are 45 minutes for children 0-8. Flexible scheduling can allow for multiple shows in one day or through a week.
Choose from:
     Classroom Acoustic Shows
        up to 40 people
     Auditorium/Gym shows
        up to 300 people

Make it an annual event!!
The On-Site Field Trip is perfect for:
Month of the Young Child Events in April, Year End events in May or June,
Summer Camp in July and August,
Welcome Back To School Events in September,
Holiday Events in October, November or December,
Too Cold To Get Out in January or February
Welcome Spring Events in March

Great All Year Long!
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