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Check here for all the latest on what is new with The Music Lady
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This summer we are enjoying the Music Lady Concerts all around town and visiting some summer camps at local preschools. The BalloonMeister is also enjoying a very busy summer twisting for people everywhere! That is -- when he is not being the engineer for The Choo Choo Express (see Remarcable Entertainment).

Lists are being made and songs are being written for new songs!! Time and money is all that is needed to make this creative process complete. At this time, we are working on getting more music out to the masses via the website. The Music Lady Jukebox. The intent will be to allow you to select you favorite Music Lady hits like a jukebox) and download them. When completed, you will be able to download either mp3 or Cd-formated songs directly to all of your devices. Also, we are working at getting each of The Music Lady's albums (cds) on thumb drives. We will try to keep you up to date on our progress as well as others here at Music Lady Headquarters!

In the meantime, enjoy the new website!!